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ALDA Têxteis Aesthetic Lives on Daily Articles

ALDA presents an extremely flexible structure, allowing a high degree of efficiency in the projects that it embraces, providing a complete solution for the home concept:
Bed, Bath and Table.     

What do we offer?

Quality and Innovation are present in each fabric resulting into a distinguished identity of all our products conceived for the comfort of our consumers. Our know-how allows us to provide products for the Bed, Table and Bath with the following Technical Skills:

- Integrated Production processes of Printing, Finishing and Made-Ups
- Capacity to work on various raw materials
- Readiness and development capacity
- Certificates: Oeko-tex

...and we are also very flexible in what product development and MOQ are concerned.


About us

ALDATexteis (known as ALDA) is a family company located in Póvoa de Lanhoso (Braga) Portugal, since 2004, having begun its activity in 1987 with a small made-up unit dedicated to the production of protective mattress covers, especially in Knitted in Joane, V.N. Famalicão. In 1995 the company begins its exports allied to commercial agents in the French market, making this its primary market. Currently, ALDA has a diversified range of products integrated into home concepts.

Why are we different?

Jersey: the star product!

ALDA is also recognized for its excellence in the Jersey household products; its vast knowledge in terms of final finishes of this product makes it possible for ALDA to present highly comfortable and cozy collections for the Home. 

After all, the secret of business is the SOUL of ALDA’s products!

Challenge us with your ideas and projects. We will surpass your expectations! Get in touch!
Brand Terre de Coton®

Brand Terre de Coton®

ALDA Têxteis also features the Terre de Coton® brand, whose creative concept is rooted in a solid history of a traditional textile family and, as a brand, it can create value for its customers through innovative concepts based on the best fabrics and knits in 100% cotton.

Brand Les Enfants Terre de Coton®

Brand Les Enfants Terre de Coton®

Brand targeted for the children`s market, standing out for its careful choice of materials and the simplicity of its details.



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